Pall Mall

Pall Mall is an American brand of cigarettes produced by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, and internationally by British American Tobacco. Pall Mall cigarettes characterized by their smooth, strong and pleasant taste. They are packed very tightly with tobacco, making them burn slower and last longer than most other major brands. The consumer pays less, but gets a longer smoke. If you want a great cigarette for the right price, then order them now from Duty Free Pro, cheap cigarettes online.

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Pall Mall Blue Box 100

Made under authority of british american tobacco (brands) inc. usa
charcoal filter

tar: 8 mg
nicotine: 0.8 mg
carbon monoxide:9 mg

$46.19 $41.99

Pall Mall Menthol Alaska

Tar: 10 mg
nicotine: 0.8 mg
carbon monoxide: 10 mg
$39.59 $35.99

Pall Mall Red

Hard pack
tar: 10 mg
nicotine: 0.8 mg
carbon monoxide: 10 mg
charcoal filter
$38.49 $34.99

Pall Mall Sliver

$32.99 $29.99

Pall Mall Blue

Tar: 7 mg
nicotine: 0.6 mg
carbon monoxide: 8 mg
Made in Turkey for DutyFree Saudi Arabia
$46.19 $41.99