In Duty Free Pro cheap cigarettes store, you are presented with dozens of branded cigarettes and cigars, Neos Cigars are made in Belgium and come packed with flavor and quality. These are slim-shaped pre-cut cigarillos made to the highest standards. Neos cigarillos come in four tasty flavors - Cherry, Exotic, Natural and Cappuccino. In addition, Neos Cigars are budget conscious and pair well as an after dinner dessert cigar. Check out our Neos cigars, all sold right here at Duty Free Pro Cigar for the best prices on the web!

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Neos Exotic

10 x 10 cigars
€59.95 €54.50

Neos Feelings Vanilla

5 x 10 cigars
€22.59 €20.53

Neos Selection 3 Etoiles

50 cigars - metal box
€22.59 €20.53

Neos Selection Cappuccino

5 x 10 cigars
€30.41 €27.64