Kent is an American brand of cigarettes with high-quality tobacco and unique distinctive cigarette taste. The Company was one of the first among those who introduced and promoted filtered cigarettes.Now you can buy Kent cigarettes online at our store at a very cheap price.

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Kent Deluxe 100`s

Soft pack

tar: 10 mg
nicotine: 0.8 mg
carbon monoxide: 10 mg

for duty free sale only
$62.69 $56.99

Kent Hd Blue

8 mg tar
0.7 mg nicotine
10 mg carbon monoxide
$50.59 $45.99

Kent Hd Navy Blue

Made under the authority of british american tobacco (brands) inc usa by british american tobacco group
king size 20's rounded box
tar: 8 mg
nicotine: 0.7 mg
carbon monoxide: 10 mg
$51.69 $46.99

Kent Hdi Blue

1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes tar: 6 mg nicotine: 0.5 mg
$48.39 $43.99

Kent Iswitch Silver

Nicotine: 0.5 mg
tar: 7 mg
carbon monoxide: 8 mg
$37.39 $33.99

Kent King Size

tar: 12 mg
nicotine: 0.9 mg
carbon monoxide: 11 mg

hard pack
$62.69 $56.99