J. Cortes

In Duty Free Pro cheap cigarettes store, you are presented with dozens of branded cigarettes and cigars, J Cortes is a company primarily engaged in machine made and cigarillo products. There headquartered located in Belgium. The company’s presence is primarily outside the United States and mostly in the European market. There low-mid class cigars are great value and don’t break the bank. The High Class are rolled using a complex blend of Honduran, Sumatran, Java, Brazilian, Dominican, Nicaraguan and Cuban leaves which provide a rich woody flavours in a smooth smoke.

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J.Cortes Grand Luxe (10 X 10 Cigars)

10 x 10 cigars
€62.56 €56.87

J.Cortes Grand Luxe (5 X 5 Cigars)

5 x 5 cigars
€53.00 €48.18

J.Cortes High Class

5 packs of 5
€132.95 €120.86

J.Cortes Mini

5 x 10 cigars
€31.28 €28.43