If you want to keep smoking and not spend so much money on it, Well, a possible solution is to find a cheaper brand of cigarettes – a brand that is still of high quality but comes at a lower price. One such brand is Fortuna - A Spanish brand of cigarettes, his tobacco mixture used in Fortuna cigarettes is of a Virginia type. The USP of these cigarettes is the lack of additives and other chemicals that lend a strong and intense flavor to Fortuna. Try them now at our cheap cigarettes store.

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Fortuna Blue

Hard pack
tar: 8 mg
nicotine: 0.6 mg
carbon monoxide: 9 mg
€26.06 €23.69

Fortuna Red

Hard pack
brown filter
85 mm length

tar: 10 mg
nicotine: 0.8 mg
carbon monoxide: 10 mg
€21.72 €19.74